Turban: Vinnie Louise

Dress: Shop Dress Up

Book Bag: Target

Shoes: Cato




No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and love is made complete in us 1 John 4:12

Top: Shop Dress Up

Pants: Boohoo

Necklace + Shoes: Cato



Swing Top + Bells


This entire outfit is from Shop Dress Up, an awesome store that I discovered in Gainesville Georgia last year at a woman’s conference at Free Chapel Church.

Needless to say that I was excited to be in Nashville and find out that they had just recently opened a store there. I love this place because they have the best basics + interesting pieces that you don’t see everywhere. The price point of this store is incredible and staff very friendly. I think I walked away with 7 pieces under $100.00. Follow them on insta for great inspiration, and you can order directly from their feed. I’ve totally become a regular.





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Denim x Denim

I live for denim and it’s even better when you drenched from head to toe in it. These pants from Altar’d State are my absolute faves! I love wide leg, palazzo, bellbottoms pants not just because I’m a seventies girl at heart, but it’s a great way to balance your figure if you’re broader on the top and narrower on the bottom. I love shopping at Altar’d State because they are a mission minded organization + the have great style and home goods. Whenever you shop there a portion of their sales goes to missions. I love shopping on a mission. Denim Top is from Target and vest from Forever 21.


5 Characteristics of a Boho Girl

So, how was your 4th of July weekend? I had an awesome time with my family at our first family reunion in many years.  There were some tense moments, but healing ones and we are stronger for it! You know you can’t choose your family, but there’s a reason why they are your family, so love them hard because the ones that are hard to love are the ones that need it the most:)!


I’m mixing up prints again on the blog today.  I am seriously a boho girl for life!  Outfit deets:

Hat: Nine West

Kimono:  Nordstrom Rack

Pants: Blush Boutique (Duh) lol :)…Honestly if you are a boho girl this boutique is really one of the best in STL.


Don’t know if you are a Boho Girl…Here are 5 clues:


1. You own a gajillion kimonos and maxi dresses.

2. Festival clothes are just regular clothes to you.

3. You would rather walk barefoot than the fanciest stilettos.

4. You stalk Free People Clothing on a regular basis (oops I just said that out loud).

5.   Your heart for justice is bigger than your eye for fashion and sometimes the two intersect.

My Style Feature in Alive Magazine

So i’m soooooo excited to be featured in this month’s My Style section of Alive Magazine.  I’ve posted the interview below for you all to see! Hope you’re summer is off to a  great start!

My Style: Christia DeShields
Educator/Blogger/TV Host
Story: Interview by Sarah Stallman
Photos: Attilio D’Agostino

Describe your personal style. I consider my style to be boho chic. I’m easy-breezy, but I like to be a little edgy too.

What’s your most recent fashion obsession? A tribal- or floral-print duster.

What runway trends are you loving right now? I’m so excited to see pink, wide-leg pants and floppy hats on the runway. LOVE!

What item from your closet can you not live without? I would be lost without something black. I’m a new mom, and I dodge baby drool on a regular basis. Black is stylish, easy to clean and hides stains.

What are your top five clothing staples? A jumpsuit, shift dress, statement necklace, a beanie and a floral duster.

What is your go-to piece? I live for a good jumpsuit! All you have to do is add jewelry, heels and a bag. It’s so easy and chic.

Is there any person or character whose style you really admire? I love Tracee Ellis Ross’ style—and she’s totally my hair crush!

Who are some of your favorite designers? Betsey Johnson, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Zoe and Michael Drummond are among some of my favorites.

Where do you shop in STL? I absolutely love the boutique scene in STL! Places like BLUSH Boutique, Epiphany Boutique and paperdolls always have a fabulous selection. I frequent the local vintage and thrift stores as well.

What is your biggest fashion pet peeve? I think my biggest fashion pet peeve is when someone is brave enough to try a new hairstyle or clothing style, and then they get criticized for stepping outside of the proverbial fashion box. I’m like, “Would you please let them be great?” But seriously—let people evolve.