Barbed Wire, Acrylic Paintings, Fashion and More! Why you should attend Art:314

So, The Art:314 Silent Auction and Party is happening November 13th at the Contemporary Arts Museum, and I’m really excited. I got a sneak peek of the artists showing and I fell for Barb Flunker’s work. I was so impressed at the way that she up cycled barbed wire into beautiful pieces of art work! Her oil and acrylic paintings have vibrant base colors with dark splashes on to balance them out. Her pieces make me feel so eclectic. It’s like a chic party on a painting. I can totally see one of those pieces hanging up in my new home! I actually got a chance to ask Barb what inspired her design aesthetic and she said

Travel, nature and recycling found materials are imperative to my work. As you explore “Roadtrip One” you will find the undulation of roads and terrain, interspersed with materials from various road trips. This excites my being. Manipulating and playing with the materials in my hands, the work evolves into its three dimensioal space.

She definitely sounds like my kind of artist.

With Art:314 being around the corner, an important question that I had to ask myself was, what am I going to wear? After some thought I decided that I would go for something eclectic like Barb Flunker’s work, so here’s a sneak peak of what I’m going to wear.


So my friends, you don’t have to miss out on all of the Art:314 fun. There will be a number of wonderful artists also displaying their work and of course I’ve got the hook up for you! Get $10.00 of your ticket using code Moda5498. Click here for tickets and I hope to see you there!


Artwork by Barb Flunker
Artwork by Barb Flunker
Artwork by Barb Flunker

Shirt Kong stole a piece of my heart… And I don’t want it back!

Happy Sunday loves!

So a few weeks ago I went to a VIP Bloggers Lounge and I met a company call Shirt Kong.  They are a t-shirt company that has a major emphasis on supporting all that is local. If you follow me on Instagram or look to the right of this post you will see some of my pictures from that event as well as some of the t-shirt designs that they offer. They even had a contest for local artists to create a t-shirt design. The winning design would be sold through the website and would receive a cash prize!  I absolutely love the design that won and can’t wait to get that shirt. I fell in love with the Shirt Kong brand and the people that work there!  They are extremely noce and welcoming. I was gifted this shirt and just had to buy a few more and it doesn’t stop there, I’m still shopping!!! You’ve gotta visit their site it’s  
So you guys haven’t a seen me in a while but I’m 30 weeks preggo (7.5 months). I’m so excited to have this little boy, but also really nervous! What am I gonna do with a baby? Lol! I’m sure my husband and I will figure it out. In the meantime be praying for us and have a fab week!!
Shirt: Shirt Kong
Poncho: Nordstrom Rack in San Diego
Jeans: Motherhood Maternity Jeans
Purse: Betsey Johnson