Baby Love Our Baby Love

So, our baby Shiloh Joaquin DeShields was born 6 weeks ago on July 17th at 4:09 a.m. weighing in at 7.8lbs and 21 inches long.  My delivery was the most euphoric experience of my life, that I would relive over and over again.  It was my most amazing husband and an awesome team of nurses and a hilarious doctor that cheered me on through each push.  I felt like a superhero.  Needless to say, this beautiful little person has challenged and changed our whole life and we wouldn’t change it for the world.  He’s growing and changing every day and I almost can’t keep up.  When he was first born he looked exactly like my baby picture, but he’s starting to look more and more like his father every day! We are so excited for this new adventure with the three of us!  Here are some pictures of our little guy below.




Help! I’m pregnant and my clothes are weird!

So, here’s the official announcement! Kenny and I are expecting!!!!!!! Yay! We are so excited especially after the devastation of a miscarriage the first time around. ….So thank you sweet Jesus:)!  The first couple of weeks I was fine, but when I hit the nine week mark…oh it got real!  It got a little harder to get dressed in the morning and especially for events.  My clothes were a little snug or just didn’t fall quite like they used to.  I wasn’t big enough for maternity clothes and I just didn’t know what to do.  So, stalking google pictures of preggo celebrities became my past time.  My style icon, Rachel Zoe, did it best for me.  We have very similar styles which is that boho chic and she found a way to translate her regular style even while pregnant.  I thought it was AMAAYY! All of the maternity clothes, that I saw I hated.  There were too many stripes or it just wasn’t my style.  I visited a few maternity stores and asked many questions.  Do pregnant woman really need all of those gadgets? Belly bands, waist expanders, etc?  I got some great information too from the women over at Motherhood at the St. Louis Outlet malls.  They were very helpful and schooled me on maternity clothes and how you’re the same size the clothes just make room for your growing belly.  That made me a lot more comfortable, but I wasn’t ready to buy just yet.  My husband and I ended up going on a road trip to Nashville to celebrate our one year anniversary and while there we went SHOPPING!! My favorite word.  Well any way i had a inkling to go into Old Navy (hadn’t been in this store in years).  I walked in and saw flowy tops that were my style and ON SALE.  I was so excited.  These were tops that I would wear even if I weren’t pregnant.  I went to the back and saw the maternity section and fell in love with the maxi dresses.  They were fitted, sexy, and still there was room for the baby bump and more importantly ON Sale.  I talked to the manager, because I wanted those dresses in every color, but he said that there were no more, because they were making room for the Spring shipment.  So I immediately went online and there were some great stuff there as well.  I’m feeling a little better about this pregnancy journey.  When you look good you feel good, even if you’re nauseated and puking or not puking just nauseated (that sucks by the way lol:).  During my shopping spree I also found a few cute tops at Ross Dress for Less and  Stylish dress from H&M.  If you’re preggo, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes you will only wear for a few months,  these are three places that I totally suggest that you visit, because even thought it’s only a few months you can still look fly!  What about you? Where do you shop for great maternity wear?  

So what to wear during pregnancy?  Well the following will be some of my staples:  Maxi dresses, Cardigans, leggings or jeggings, riding boots, flowy tops, tunics and heels.

My Maternity Style

Here’s some of my preggo haul.  Clothes pictured are from Old Navy, Ross and H&M

Our announcement
                           my hubby so happy!:)