This DIY facial scrub is AMAZZZZZIN’!!!!

So, I get a lot of questions about how I keep my skin smooth and part of it is the Lord and my parents had really good complexions, but as I get older I really have to start taking care of my skin, so I will love it when it starts to wrinkle lol.  I came across this three ingredient scrub that’s simply amazing.  It’s all natural and works on pretty much any  part of your body.  It will leave you feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I even use it on my feet!  All you need are three ingredients to create this yummy scrub.  Mix 1 banana, honey and brown sugar in a bowl and use your fingers to gently scrub on face.  Let it sit for a few minutes….or until your favorite TV show is over and wash off.   You will love how your skin feels!!   Since one batch makes a lot. You can have a girls pamper party and share it or you can do what I do and put it in a mason jar and stick it in the fridge. It will keep for 1 week. So I want to hear from you! What are your beauty regimens? Do you have a scrub that you can share with me?? Let me know how you like this scrub!




Kenny’s promo video for the Real Love Project

Date: Tuesday January 15, 2012
Time: around 11 am
Place: the Mudd House on Cherokee Street (amazing place I might add! Great food, great prices and beautiful atmosphere) shop local!:)
Videographer: The amazing Jenn Cloud!! Check her out

So it’s late morning and I’m so proud of my love making moves for his forth coming album entitled “The Real Love Project.” Today he’s recording the first promo video for his album. He’s recording an acoustic version of one of the songs from the album called “So Into You” I had the amazing opportunity to style him. Ii call his look “Hipster Meets Kenny”

What he’s wearing
Jacket: Levi
Infinity Scarf: H and M
Pants: H and M
Shoes: Toms
Leopard print glasses: Urban Outifitters