Hollywood Comes to St. Louis…my time with Vivica A. Fox

Actress, producer, director, hair line, skincare line and more! When I tell you she does it all…she really does! I got a chance to sit down with Vivica A. Fox today to chat about a new movie that she’s staring in that will be filmed in St. Louis.   The Writer is St. Louis native Craig Thomas and the producer is L.B. Scott who’s been in the film industry in NYC and California for over 30 years.  He also happens to be Vivica’s acting coach.

While talking with Vivica, I asked her how she’s had such a long and rich career and she explained to me the diversifying yourself is how you gain longevity in the Entertainment industry.   She says that’s why she’s been able to stay in the industry for over 20 years.  She also attributes her success to her faith in the Lord.  We actually had a mini praise break right in the middle of the interview.

As we talked about more, I got some insight on how she’s been able to stay oh so fabulous.  Here were her tips:
*Eat healthy
*Micro dermabrasion
*being happy

She also gave tips on being redcarpet ready
*Spanx “Girl spanx is your bestfriend” she told me lol
*Taking pictures with one step forward, lean on your back leg and angle your body a bit when taking a picture.  Also remeber to elongate yourself.

Vivica is so gracious and so nice and she also wanted to give a shout out to those that support her hair collection.  If you haven’t seen it check out http://www.vivicafoxhair.com/.  Lastly she was checking out my shoes but I was obessing over her jimmy choo’s…..Check out my recap pics below!

Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton ooooohhh laaa laaa!!!!


Craigh Thomas the Writer and Director of the film
This was after our interview.  She wanted to interview me lol


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Fur, Snake Skin, and a Little Black Dress

Fur is a great compliment to a little black dress around the holidays. I absolutely love the color of this vest! It’s from forever 21, the black dress is by me (moda Christia), snake skin clutch and tights from target. I love this look its great for a night out on the town and the colored rights are a great way to spice up your look! ~Xo!

The Easiest Outfit EVER!

So, have you ever had a day where u just didn’t know what to wear? Well that was me so I threw on the first thing I could find, paired it with some maH-Jor statement accessories,edgy sneakers and Voila (wah-lah), I discovered the easiest, chicest outfit EVER! I love the way denim on denim looks and they definitely don’t have to match!I actually prefer that they don’t.  This EASY outfit that I’m wearing is a light pair of jeans with a darker jean button down shirt (both thrifted).  My Necklace is from Intriguing designs (my mom’s jewelry line) and My cross earring and gold wedge sneakers are  from Go Jane,  one of my  newest obsessions!!! Shout out to my baby Kenny DeShields for being my photog. Check his music out new album coming soon <3!

Gungor Swag (The music, The fashion, The movement)

Kenny and I had the pleasure of seeing one of our favorite bands of all time twice in one month.  This band is called Gungor.  They label their music as liturgical post rock, and even if you don’t know what that means, it in no way hinders connecting to their music. What I find most amaze about them is that everything they do is very intentional and interesting.  It’s very rare to find a band where the musicality and the lyrics can stand alone independent of one another but when combined create a most beautiful compliment. Not only is their music thought provoking, spiritual and quirky, but their style is on point as well and you can almost feel the music through their fits (outfits).  From the Cellist  to the bass player, the drummer, and Michael and Lisa, the leaders they are the complete package.
Drummer, Terence Garfield a.k.a.  our bro!! We love you!
Michael and Lisa Gungor, and their beautiful daughter and Terence Garfield. I am a huge fan of Lisa’s laced dress and colored tights and the fellas look pretty dapper.  I’m totally feeling Michael’s Top hat and Terrence’s handkerchief, two great statement pieces.
Me and Kenny with Gungor

This song really means a lot to me and Kenny.  I’m sure you will dig it as well!

Another one that we love!!

My recent ootd’s

So I haven’t blogged much in the last month and I thought to my self, self that  has got to change!! lol.  So, just because I haven’t blogged lately doesn’t mean that I don’t have any style obsessions. On the contrary, I’m obsessing over some major statements these days, so here’s a look at my recent ootd’s (Outfits of the day) YEAH!
Top: H &M, necklace: Intriguing Designs, Shoes: Loren Conrad!!! LOVE!!!

 I recently Hosted a show for Stltv during Stl Fashion Week. Top: H&M, Skirt :Forever 21, and everyone was crazy about my shoes. They are from Shi.
America the beautiful! Top: Forever 21, Amazing necklace from my moms collection, Intriguing Designs
These were an anniversary gift from Kenny a few weeks ago!! LOVE!! I had been eyeing them for a few weeks and he surprised me with them.  I absolutely Love Toms and what they stand for and their style selection has increased tremendously!!!
BEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite fall/winter  accessoires from Urban Outfitters
This is a throwback!! I was and still am so in to Maxi skirts!! I made this one as well as the turban headband

Valerie Steele in the STL =Fashion Heaven!

So this past weekend, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Valerie Steele, Fashion Curator for FIT in New York and also named the most brainiest woman in fashion. She is also listed as one of Fashion’s 50 most powerful by the New York Daily News.
Dr. Steele was in St. Louis, MO last Friday night for a Gala and she gave a lecture at Washington University the following day. Craft Alliance was responsible for bringing Dr.Valerie Steele here and I am so glad that they did!
I was able to attend the FGI (Fashion Group International) meet and greet, as well as the lecture that Saturday.  Valerie talked with us and answered questions regarding her life, her career, and what she sees in the future for fashion.
The lecture that she gave was called ” The Art of Fashion” where she talked about the century debate of whether or not Fashion is considered Art. The lecture was insightful, informative, inspiring and FUNNY! Valerie ended the lecture by saying “Fashion is Art..If you believe it”
I had a fabulous time talking with Dr. Valerie Steele, and I found her to be an exceptionally nice, not to mention super stylish woman! Check out her outfit!
Me and Dr. Valerie Steele!
Me, FGI President Emily and STL MAG Style editor Jan 
Me and Saskya Byron of Craft Alliance

The Lecture
Valerie’s New book!
For more info on Valerie Steele. ..check out her website http://www.valeriesteelefashion.com/
Here’s a look at some of her work!