"Gone with the wind fabulous" LOL

If you are like me then you are probably pondering still pondering over the recent declaration the Kenya Moore of Real Housewives of Atlanta meant by being “Gone with the wind Fabulous, as she twirled, hair flipped then twirled again ALL while wearing a night gown.  As outrageous and unbelievable as this scene was, I’ve been thinking about it and laughing all week as well as secretly saying it in my head. “Gone with the wind fabulous hunny”…..and twirl….and hair flip….and spin….LOL it has got to be the funniest thing I’ve heard on TV all year.  Nonetheless if there is actually such a level of fabulousness I’d totally like to be a part.  I don’t know…in my outfit I felt a little fabulous…was it Gone with the Wind though??? You be the judge lol. 
As you can see from my recent posts, I have a little faux fur addiction going on right now and I don’t see it going anywhere soon.  This is another amazing vest from my dear friends Forever21, the dress is from T.J. Max , my shoes from Shi, and my glasses are Banana Republic. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Fur, Snake Skin, and a Little Black Dress

Fur is a great compliment to a little black dress around the holidays. I absolutely love the color of this vest! It’s from forever 21, the black dress is by me (moda Christia), snake skin clutch and tights from target. I love this look its great for a night out on the town and the colored rights are a great way to spice up your look! ~Xo!