Baby Love Our Baby Love

So, our baby Shiloh Joaquin DeShields was born 6 weeks ago on July 17th at 4:09 a.m. weighing in at 7.8lbs and 21 inches long.  My delivery was the most euphoric experience of my life, that I would relive over and over again.  It was my most amazing husband and an awesome team of nurses and a hilarious doctor that cheered me on through each push.  I felt like a superhero.  Needless to say, this beautiful little person has challenged and changed our whole life and we wouldn’t change it for the world.  He’s growing and changing every day and I almost can’t keep up.  When he was first born he looked exactly like my baby picture, but he’s starting to look more and more like his father every day! We are so excited for this new adventure with the three of us!  Here are some pictures of our little guy below.




Field of Dreams… Maternity Edition

Happy Memorial Day all!
I hope you all are enjoying your day! I’m just maxing and relaxing today and as I come to the last leg of this pregnancy I find myself doing that a lot. The nursery is finally coming together (pics later) and with 7 weeks left I’m getting really anxious. My husband has been remarkable through it all, so major shout out to him <3!!!! So I have to let him share what he thinks about this experience…. Be nice babe lol
Lol! Hey guys! This is Kenny, Christia’s husband. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience about the pregnancy. It really has been an awesome experience, filled with joy, nervousness, excitement and anticipation. 
The time has really flown by. It seemed like just a few months ago we were jumping around the house when we saw the pregnancy test results were positive. And then, next thing you know I was feeling the baby kick in her belly! Now that’s when it got real, real. 🙂
It’s crazy to know that in a few weeks we’ll be holding our baby boy in our arms and you know we’ll post a million pics and blog alllllll about it.
Thanks babe! Hope you all enjoy our pics taken by the amazing up and coming photog Davah Lynn. Outfit deets below!
His                                         Hers
Blazer: Saddlebred                   Flower Crown: DIY
Shirt: H&M                               Dress: Epiphany Boutique in St. Louis
Pants: The Gap                        Make up:  Camille Scott










A Fashion Pause… Let’s talk about Africa

  Hi there – my name is April and I’m a video producer/director living in St. Louis, Missouri. I was raised by two wonderful parents who ingrained in me a strong sense of compassion, fairness, and concern for right and wrong. When I was in college, I heard about the genocide in Darfur and my world was shaken. To learn that a government, in our day and age, is able to exterminate hundreds of thousands of people over a number a years with barely any comment from the rest of civilization was utterly shocking to me.

Shortly after graduating from college, I moved to St. Louis and met a handful of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and became captivated by their warmth and authenticity. Then I heard their stories. Some saw their family and neighbors slaughtered with machetes right in front of them. Some were forced out of their homes by armed men and sent running through the African wilderness for days and weeks, totally on their own. Many didn’t know what became of their family members or if they were even alive. Yet somehow they had made it to the USA and met my acquaintance, changing my life forever.

It’s easy as Americans to ignore what’s going on in Africa, either because we think it’s irrelevant or because it can be uncomfortable and ugly and complicated. But my Congolese friends cannot ignore or forget.

Four women are raped every five minutes in the DRC. Sexual violence is used as a weapon, effectively tearing apart the entire family unit with a single act. But at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Eastern DRC, there are people attempting to help repair these wounds, physical and emotional. I now work with a foundation that helps to fund the hospital, started by a friend of mine, Dr. Lee Ann De Reus, known as Panzi Foundation USA. This summer, along with Lee Ann, I will be traveling to the Congo to shoot a documentary project highlighting the work of Panzi Hospital and the resilience of the women of Eastern DRC. We want to tell POSITIVE stories, because we think everyone is sick of reading about the horrors. I’m taking off of work to go and will be donating my time and using my equipment, but Panzi Foundation USA needs donations to pay for travel expenses. If you’d like to be a part of making this project a reality, please visit the indiegogo page, donate if you can, and share this campaign with your friends, family, and social networks.



Rocking Chic and Transitioning

It was such a beautiful day this past Sunday and I felt a little edgy.  I’m still adjusting to my ever growing body and some days my bump is bigger than others, but it’s quite a journey and I’m excited to see where it leads.  I’m heading into my 14th week in this picture and still able to fit many of my regular clothes.  I love the leather details on the leggings, the fur detail on my vest made me feel luxurious and my shoes are just killer.  I love rocking them! Hope you all are having a wonderful week and embracing the transition in your life.  The thing about transitions is that it makes us feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes we loose site of the beauty on the other side.  I know that’s how I felt this past week, but I believe in beauty in exchange for ashes.  Which simple means out of the rough spots or ugliness in our lives, if we are transitioning for the better, there is beauty on the other side.  So keep going, don’t give up or quit.  This transition will only make you better! Outfit deets below xo:)

Vest: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Glasses: Ola Style
Leggings: Forever 21
Booties: Vogue Footwear

What are you thankful for?? DIY Thankful Jar

This is the time of year where we begin to really focus and think about the things that we are grateful for. Sometimes we don’t even think about what we are thankful for until its actually thanksgiving day. I actually got the idea of this thankful jar about a year ago when I saw it on Pinterest. You are supposed to fill it up throughout the year with things that you a are thankful for and ten read them December 31st. Well, I had the best intentions to start this jar but it never happens until recently when I though about it again. I told my hubby “lets go ahead an start this jar ebb thought the year is almost over. So we sat down and began to think about all of the wonderful things that have happened this year, wrote them down and then placed them in the jar.  Out faces lit up as our nostalgia took us to found memories throughout the year. There was one memory that I wrote down that started out found but ended in tragedy and that was the miscarriage that I had not to long ago. When kent and I found out that we were pregnant we were scared and ecstatic all at the same time! When the miscarriage happened it was devastating.  We both cried a lot, but as I was reminiscing I began to be thankful for the fact that I was able to get pregnant and the hope that when the time is right, it would happen again. Thankfulness really does make a difference in your state of being. When you focus on the good in your life it’s hard to concentrate on the negative. So my fiends it’s never too late to start a thankful jar. What are you thankful for today?

~ xo