Field of Dreams… Maternity Edition

Happy Memorial Day all!
I hope you all are enjoying your day! I’m just maxing and relaxing today and as I come to the last leg of this pregnancy I find myself doing that a lot. The nursery is finally coming together (pics later) and with 7 weeks left I’m getting really anxious. My husband has been remarkable through it all, so major shout out to him <3!!!! So I have to let him share what he thinks about this experience…. Be nice babe lol
Lol! Hey guys! This is Kenny, Christia’s husband. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience about the pregnancy. It really has been an awesome experience, filled with joy, nervousness, excitement and anticipation.¬†
The time has really flown by. It seemed like just a few months ago we were jumping around the house when we saw the pregnancy test results were positive. And then, next thing you know I was feeling the baby kick in her belly! Now that’s when it got real, real. ūüôā
It’s crazy to know that in a few weeks we’ll be holding our baby boy in our arms and you know we’ll post a million pics and blog alllllll about it.
Thanks babe! Hope you all enjoy our pics taken by the amazing up and coming photog Davah Lynn. Outfit deets below!
His                                         Hers
Blazer: Saddlebred                   Flower Crown: DIY
Shirt: H&M                               Dress: Epiphany Boutique in St. Louis
Pants: The Gap                        Make up:  Camille Scott










Fly Guy Friday…."Putting the Dap in Dapper"

Chad Carpenter definitely puts the Dap in Dapper.¬† He’s not only a pretty cool dresser, but also and amazing musician! You’ve gotta check him out!¬† You know the saying “Behind every great man, there’s an even more amazing woman,”? Okay I may have made that last part up, but I really do think this woman is amazeballs! Behind Chad’s look and many other men in america is the oh-so stylish, Marissa Carpenter.¬† She is the Men’s Department buyer for JCP, which is where most of Chad’s outfit came from.¬† If you haven’t been to JCP in a while, your gonna want to check it out!¬† What do you think about his look?!?


Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Tie bar: JCP
Socks: H&M
Tie: Forever 21
Watch: WeWood (bought on ebay)
Belt: Topman

                             Chad and Marissa! The fly chick behind the clothing!


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St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards!

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of hosting the first ever St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! The excitement was very real! It was not only the Blog Awards, but the kick off to St. Louis Fall Fashion Week 2013.¬† Co-hosting with Alive Magazine’s Co-Founder and Fashion Week Co-Producer¬†Elizabeth Tucker along with PR guru’s Jenna Pet and Ellen Soule, was an overwhelming experience, but in a most wonderful way!¬† The night kicked off with hors d’oeuvres, mixing and mingling and great ambiance.¬† We then moved into the fashion blog awards ceremony and that’s where I took the mic.¬† I was able to announce the winners in categories such as Best use of twitter, instagram, Best photography, Best Personal Style, Best Life Style (which I was nominated for and didn’t even know lol oops).¬† The crowd was full of excitedment as the winneres were announced.¬† It was so great to see the bloggers come up to the front, receive their award and¬† have their moment.¬† If you talk to any blogger there, they are just excited that people read their “stuff,” so being nominated or¬†a winner¬† is a huge cherry on top of the cake! I can’t wait for next year’s awards show!!!¬†However the fun isn’t over yet,¬†it’s just beginning! Next week the fashion shows kick off and you don’t want to miss them!!! Get your tickets here St. Louis Fashion Week¬†and use CHRISTIA15 for a $10.00 discount!! Can’t wait to see you there!
Jenna , Elizabeth Tucker, Lindsay Pattan, Ellen Soule
me and my Bryttani!
Me and my Hubby

My husband and Thelonius!
My mom and Betty


Me and Jillian Pye!!
Top from Nordstrom
Skirt from the Shoxie Store