The Easiest Outfit EVER!

So, have you ever had a day where u just didn’t know what to wear? Well that was me so I threw on the first thing I could find, paired it with some maH-Jor statement accessories,edgy sneakers and Voila (wah-lah), I discovered the easiest, chicest outfit EVER! I love the way denim on denim looks and they definitely don’t have to match!I actually prefer that they don’t.  This EASY outfit that I’m wearing is a light pair of jeans with a darker jean button down shirt (both thrifted).  My Necklace is from Intriguing designs (my mom’s jewelry line) and My cross earring and gold wedge sneakers are  from Go Jane,  one of my  newest obsessions!!! Shout out to my baby Kenny DeShields for being my photog. Check his music out new album coming soon <3!

Make up Made Easy and Beautiful with Bare Essentials

Ok so if your’e like me and you have a love hate relationship with make up, then this blog is for you. I’ve never been a real big fan of make up but as I started doing television work, dabbling in the fashion industry and blogging, I found it necessary for a more polished look. It was a fight though because my goal was to look as natural as possible just highlighting my features. I didn’t even want to feel the make up on my face. Finding the right shade for me was also a laborious process because of my ever changing skin color. I did however find Clinique and I loved their foundation. It was barely there and easy to apply, but recently I’ve found something that I have just fallen in love with! It’s Bare Essentials! I’ve tried Bare Essentials before, but found the application process too difficult. I couldn’t achieve the look that I first had in the store while buying the product. Howeve they’ve changed the application process and it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever seen! It gives me the coverage I want and still looks natural, has healing powers, and is very simple to apply! So yeah I’ve fallen in love!

I am wearing:
-Bare minerals Ready (Warm Deep)
-Applied with the precision brush (this brush is friggin AMAZING!!!)
-Stroke of light eye brightener (works wonders)
-The show stopper eyeshadow (Kenny always calls me that lololol)
– I applied some mascara and blush too!

All of this took me less than 5 minutes!!!