Vogue Footwear Fall Faves


So you may have seen a few of my other blogs about Vogue Footwear and honestly  I just can’t get enough of them.  I am loving pretty much their entire fall/winter 2013 collection.  You may have seen some of my post were I’m wearing the Bootielcious booties and everywhere I go people love them.  I’ve mulled over the Vogue Footwear website to narrow down my top 7 that i’m obsessing over. I know that the majority are black, but you can never have enough black shoes.  Vogue Footwear’s aims to deliver a fresh version of glamour to women on the cutting edge of fashion.  Whenever I wear these shoes I feel trendy and luxurious at the same time.  The workmanship on these boots are spectacular.  I am rocking the Bootelicious and Go Wild booties on this post.They look great, are well made, and comfortable.  What more could you ask for you? Oh yeah and if you’re interested in purchasing any shoes from Vogue Footwear enter Moda15 at the checkout and save %15! Now that’s a steal! Hope you enjoy and let me know which style is your favorite!

Top Left:  Dancing Queen
Top Right: Bootielicious
Bottom Left :Vogue Get Happy
Bottom Right: Vogue Fame Game

Top Left Vogue Get Happy
Top Right GET %15 discount with my code Moda15
Bottom left Win em Wild
Bottom Right Go Wild

Prints make me happy!

I was doing some casual shopping in Forever21 when I saw this dress coming out of the back room and immediately gravitated towards it.  It wasn’t even on shelves yet and it caught my attention so much so that I ran over to look for my size, grabbed it and headed straight to the dressing room.  I tried it on and even though I was already in a good moo, something about this dress lifted my spirits even more.  Did you know that the colors that you wear can effect your mood? There’s science behind this theory and we even describe moods with color i.e feeling blue, seeing red, green with envy.  The Huffington Post did a great article on color and mood! Check it out here.  Well anyhow something about this print made me excited and I had to buy it and also wanted to share! What are you wearing today? How does it make you feel?  Here are the deets on the rest of my outfit:
Bracelet:Forever 21
 Glasses: Ola Style,
Blue Jean Top: JCP
Boots: Marc  Jacobs (thrifted) 

All About the Bootie + Recap of the Project Runway Show

If you didn’t know booties are huge this season!!!! No, not that kind of bootie, i’m talking boots! I’ve literally seen hundreds of them in magazines, on runways, in stores and on the street.  Booties are in and i’m totally obsessing! Vogue Footwear is new St. Louis based company and their styles are pretty amazing.  My new friend Michelle Kidwell, is the mastermind behind Vogue Footwear Designs’ and when I put on these shoes that’s all I want to do! I’m voguing  all day… you hear me? or read me? LOL.  The black ones are called Bootilecious and they definitely live up to the name! I wore them to ST. Louis Fashion Week at the Project Runway Fashion Show and they were definitely a hit not to mention comfortable! You can’t beat comfort and style! My fellow fashionistas it gets even better! Vogue Footwear is letting me offer you a 15% discount on any of their Fall/Winter 2013 collection! You definitely don’t want to miss this! Check out their styles www.voguefootwear.com and use code MODA15 for a discount! You will thank me later!


Me and Lindsay Pattan my famie and the Director
of Marketing at Alive Magazine

Me and Jan Leach Givens Style editor at St. Louis Magazine

Project Runway Pre-Show Presentation


My Top 3 designers from the Project Runway Show
                                                           Michael Drummond
April Johnston


Laura Kathleen


Runway photo cred: Alive Magazine

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