Marriage Goals

For a while now #goals has been trending all over the internet, but I’ve been wondering if it’s just a hashtag or if people are really serious about achieving what they deem worthy of pursuing? It’s still the beginning of the year, and many of us have made #goals for the new year. I highly suggest that if you’re in a marital relationship that #marriagegoals be a part of your yearly review and revision.

For the past 3 years of our four years of marriage Kenny and I have followed and partnered with a marriage ministry called Marriage Today. They have a workbook that I highly suggest called Marriage on the Mountain TopEvery December around our anniversary (the 26th) we get alone for a few hours and work on our marriage vision.The first year we went through this process it actually took a day in a half to complete. The subsequent years it was only a matter tweaking and took just a few hours. I can tell you that it’s exciting looking at our marriage vision at the end of the year and seeing the check marks of what we accomplished! All glory to God! Every year we are accomplishing more and more. Here are just a few of our checks: we paid off debt, transitioned into better and more fulfilling jobs, bought the lot next door to our house; enclosed it with a custom made fence, purchased two new cars, disciplined our health and spiritual life, found new areas of creativity, and the list goes on. All of these goals accomplished were written a year in advanced on our marriage vision.

You might be asking why a marriage vision is important? Well, we didn’t know why it was important either until we did a little investigating. Check out this video about why a marriage vision is important. Two really cool things that we learned in our discovery was that we were together for a bigger reason than we initially thought. God has plans to not only use us individually but as a couple, and that’s exciting because we can work towards a common goal. Secondly, we didn’t know it at the time, but we were dreaming together. The last several months the phrase “I want to dream with you” has been a major part of our everyday language. When Kenny and I sit down and talk about our future as a married couple, we are actually dreaming together. We write our vision. We make it plain. We pray over it constantly, and we watch God do what he does! It’s so awesome! It’s been a great experience dreaming and discovering God’s plan for us as a married couple and also celebrating our successes through accomplishing our goals.

Why do we partner with a marriage ministry? There’s a spiritual and natural law called the law is sowing and reaping. Just as the farmer sows because they know they will reap a harvest, we sow into Marriage Today as an investment into our marriage. We’ve seen great fruit and are expecting even greater to come.

So what are you expecting to reap this year? What seeds do you have in the ground? Don’t let your goals this time around just be a hashtag.



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!!! You Don’t Want To Miss!!

The evening started off with tasty hor dourves, dessert and lots of mixing and mingling.  I was so excited to be invited by Nordstrom  to their Anniversary Sale Sneak Peak event for fashion bloggers.  This Anniversary Sale is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year and happens EVERY July. From July 7-18th Nordstrom Card Holders get the privilege to shop early.  The sale opens to everyone from July19th -August 18. 

 After a great time of mixing and mingling, our tour guides whisked us off to see the amazing finds that where behind the tents strategically placed on the Nordstrom sale floor.  From Apparel, to accesories and shoes, we saw it all.  I totally have some major obsessions right now that I need to tell you about!!

I want to start of with a new section that Nordstrom is developing.  It’s called the Savvy Department.  OMGHEEEEE it was pretty much my absolute favorite part of the tour. The reason is because the clothes were trendy, to die for (don’t die though lol), and extremely affordable.This department is for the budget conscience shopper, that still wants to turn heads.  There were so many OH-SO FAB pieces in this section that I had to make a list. So here it goes!

1.  These faux leather track pants! Are you kidding me?!?! I wanted to rip these off the hanger and put them on right then and there.  Price point $64.90

2. This pink skater skirt…one word…drool. First of all I love the color and the shape is very flattering especially for Inverted Triangle and rectangle shapes.  The material of this skirt feels unbelievable.  It’s stiff yet flowy which makes it very interested! Price point $58.90

3.  Faux leather top.  I’m loving a lot of leather and it’s a major trend for the fall.  This shirt is sooooooooooo dope! I love the detail on the front and it’s a very versatile piece.  Price point $44.90

 4. Accessories:  I was totally loving all of these clutches, studded bags, and jewelry. They were all at totally accessible price points!


Ok, so now on to the splurge shopping, where we hide the receipts from our husbands’ lol just kiddin’ Kenny love you boo! Here are some of my fave high end finds!

Kate Spade: I can not get enough of these bows.  They just take the purse to a whole other level.

 Shoes and boots for fall were in full effect.   From Salon Shoes, to Cole Haan, Rag and Bone, Coach, BP shoes, Hunter (which never go on sale), and many more.

I was totally digging these Michael Kors sunglasses

Some of the fall trends this year are skater skirts, leather, and chunky jewelry and I’m excited to try them all!!! What about you? Did you see anything that you would like to buy! I was so excited that Nordstrom invited me to the sneak preview and I can’t wait to go back!! You Should go too!!

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