Sensory Seeking Sebastian

Hello all!

For the past year and a half this book has been burning in me. If you’ve followed my posts or videos for a while, you would remember that our oldest son is diagnosed with ADHD and also has some sensory processing struggles. We’ve learned so many strategies over the years, and we wanted to share them with you all.

Sensory Seeking Sebastian is a book that empowers sensory seekers with strategies that help with self regulation. This book is perfect for families who want to equip their sensory seeker to navigate the challenges of ADHD, Autism, and SPD.

Wont’ He Do it Wednesday

Have you ever been mad at God because of a delayed dream or answer? Listen and be encouraged. You can trust God with your dreams, He gave them to you. Sarah experiences how God was fighting for her behind the scenes, and she didn’t even know it!

I’m a masterpiece!

Say it loud! This has been an anthem in the DeShields’ house for the last few weeks. Our three beautiful boys are each different and special in their own way. They have separate struggles, but we are learning to celebrate their differences and speak truth to their weakness.


Won’t He Do It Wednesday!

A dose of inspiration from Kenny and Christia high lighting testimonies and stories of friends and family overcoming obstacles and encouraging one another. Today’s topic: The Power of Remembering God’s Faithfulness.


Life on a Limb

School hasn’t started yet for my kids and we had reached our limit of being in the house together. Instead of killing each other we chose life and decided to head to the botanical garden. There we learned some life lessons through plants!


Delmar United Friendsgiving

Merry Christmas Eve! Just a few weeks ago, My husband, Kenny DeShields, and I hosted the 1st Delmar United Friendsgiving – a gathering of residents, business owners, ministry and civic leaders from both sides of the historically divided #DelmarDivide to share a meal and discuss ways to impact our community. It was more than what we could’ve dreamed or imagined!

Special thanks to Armand Buford for capturing our heart and vision with beautiful visual storytelling.

Please share with your family and friends and let’s keep the conversation going.

“These Walls”

Written by: Ryan Musinski

Venue: ANEW

Partners: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri

Dinner provided by: Chef Ben Grupe

Dessert: SweetArt Bakeshop & Cafe

Coffee: La Cosecha Coffee Roasters

Brad Austin + Rachelle Austin

Third Degree Glass Factory

The Crossing


Daryl Whittington