100 teenagers + Simply Earth Essential Oils

A few weeks ago I spent a week with about 100 teenagers as a facilitator at a youth leadership camp, and it was an amazing experience!  These kids stepped off the bus to camp unsure, nervous, and highly skeptical, but left roaring with courage and a new sense of confidence. They formed bonds with people they’d probably never talk to or sit with at lunch, and they all committed to doing the right thing even if no one else does. It was such an honor to be a part of that process, and the facilitators felt privileged for those kids to choose to come to camp when they could be doing anything else. The week was not just life changing for them, but for me too! A lot of people complain about this generation, but I see our future, and it’s blindingly bright!

You might be asking what this has to do with oils? Well, I’ll tell you! I was emotionally and physically drained by the end of the week. So much so that on my way home I was making an appointment for a massage, and because Jesus loves me, and He knew I needed a really good one, the spa gave me the master masseuse. Hallelujah!

She was spectacular! She got every knot there ever was out, and she used a variety of essential oils on me, which got me thinking about Simply Earth Essential Oils. I had gotten a box of oils to try from them a few months ago but hadn’t gotten around to trying them.

These oils are pretty dope! The oils are GMO-free and farmed responsibly. You can buy them individually or sign up for a monthly subscription box. They will send you oils and recipes for each month. This month’s box is called “Fun in the Sun.”I like how you’re able to get involved, mix and match the oils, and create something unique. The last perk about this brand that I think is worth mentioning is that they are a brand with a cause. 13%% of all of their sales go to end human trafficking. If you are looking to try some essential oils, Simply Earth is worth trying.





This was a sponsored post by Simply Earth.

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