Summer Whites for under $50.00


I’ve always had a hard time wearing white. I never felt comfortable in it, and now with kids, I’m highly susceptible to stains. Although I kind of was before kids, I have a better excuse now besides the hole in my lips:). I love the material from this dress because it’s stain resistant. As a matter of fact, right before I went to shoot this dress, I got attacked by a stain, but it easily came out with water and a paper towel. I got this dress last year from Boohoo and never wore it. It isn’t available anymore, but Here are a few of my favorite styles from the same online boutique. They are all under $50.00 and 50% off right now! Go get your blessing girl 😜.  Hope you are enjoying the start to the summer, and don’t be afraid to wear white:).


Embroidered Choker Shift Dress

Embroidered Choker Shift Dress

3 Piece Crop Culotte Duster Co-ord Set

Frill Detail Midi Dress

Festival Tassel Shift Dress

 Lace Shift Dress

Off the Shoulder Flaredr Sleeve Playsuit

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