Clear Sight

Hey loves! Hope you’re having a great day today! I am loving this dress from New York and Company!! My husband and I had so much fun shooting this dress and with the free people glasses it looks a bit futuristic.

The term futuristic fits this look very well, because this past week my husband and I sat down to revalue out marriage vision. We usually do a vision retreat at the end of each year where we cast vision on every area of our lives. By writing down our goals and praying over them we’ve seen many of our dreams come to fruition. Butt, for some reason we didn’t take the time to really dig last year and realized that this year could have been waaaaay better if we had a clear vision. So we decided to start early this year. It’s only been a week since we sat down to work on our goals and we’ve already seen things turn around quickly for us! There’s a scripture in the bible that says without a vision people perish. We’ve seen our lives with vision and without and I’ve gotta tell I much rather prefer with! What about you?

Outfit deets: This dress is super comfortable and flattering and it’s a part of the Eva Mendes collection. If you haven’t checked it out you should! Necklace and shoes from Cato.


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