The Mother of ALL Mascaras

Happy Friyay my loves!

I hope your week has been fantastic! Mine has been really good , my brother got out of the hospital, our house was finally fixed after a flood this summer, we got a new washer and i’m adjusting to being a working mom.  What a week! But now since i’m interfacing with people everyday again, I have to tell you about this mascara that i’m totes in love with! It’s called.  Mood Struck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique.  This product claims to increase your lash volume by 400% and honestly they weren’t lying.  You can definitely see a dramatic increase in lash volume with this product and you can control the volume as well by limiting or increasing the number of applications.

My friend Sarah Dillbeck, who’s a distributor for Younique sent me some to try and it’s like my go to every day now.  It’s easy to apply after a bit of practice, it stays on all day, and sometimes I just wear the mascara with no foundation and I look so fresh! Check out the photo below. The only thing I’m wearing is Younique mascara. I have to admit that i’m not a beauty blogger and I don’t like wearing a ton of make up unless i’m doing a television segment, but I love how thick my lashes look with this product.  They lashes look lengthened and I don’t need lash extensions.   You can definitely see my eyes now.

The kit comes with the Mascara or (Transplanting gel) and the brush or (3D Fibers).  It’s like you are applying lashes without really applying lashes.  The mascara is doing all of the work and the brush helps to spread the lashes apart and lengthens them.

This is how you use this product

Step 1.  Apply your favorite mascara (optional)

Step 2. Apply Mascara

Step 3. Use brush to lift and separate

Step 4. Repeat for more volume

Check out pics below.  My friend Sarah is on the bottom left.  Look how long her lashes look! Love love love!!! I plan on getting other products from Younique.  They strive to provide healthy, pure and clean cosmetic products. if you want the ingredients list here it is.  All natural products.  You can try the  3D Mascara by joining my party here.  Try it out and let me know how you like it!

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