2 Chic Shampoo and Conditioner

Today I’m doing a product review of 2 Chic Shampoo and Conditioner from Whole Foods Market Galleria, here in St. Louis, MO. When asked to review this product, I was excited because I know that Whole Foods Market’s mission is to carry the finest facial skin and body products available. In order to be sold in Whole Foods, products have to meet a strict set of quality standards, and all of those can be found here. Because of that commitment to quality, I was confident to give this product a try.

The 2 Chic Shampoo and Conditioner systems guarantee restoring moisture to dry and damaged hair and adding shine, protecting color and helping prevent splits and breaks. This line of shampoo and conditioner has an avocado and olive oil blend to add moisture to the hair. I consider my hair pretty healthy, but dryness is an issue for me especially since my hair is natural and curly.

I know from friends and family and even my husband who has a really awesome afro that dryness is definitely a problem with this type of hair. My husband and I normally look for products that offer a lot of moisture and that are specifically designated for curly/natural hair. Many times we use leave-in conditioners but we often have a problem with the residue or film that it leaves on our hair.

I was interested to see how my hair would react to 2 Chic Shampoo and Conditioner. Right now also have extensions in my hair for length but they are the same texture as my hair. I wanted to see if that made a difference. So here is my review of the product.

First things first, when I opened the top to smell the product it smelled pretty good a bit overpowering, but good. I will add that it smells better on the hair than in the container. I shampooed my hair twice and the second time, I noticed that my curls began to loosen up and That my hair felt a lot softer. I went on to add conditioner to my hair, and I was bit concerned at first because normally when I coat my hair with a conditioner the lather is very thick. I didn’t experience that thick lather with 2 Chic. At this time, I didn’t comb through my hair because I didn’t feel like the lather was thick enough. However, when I washed the conditioner out I used a wide tooth comb to comb through my hair, and I was very surprised that it was easy to comb through my very tangled hair. I looked in the mirror, and I noticed that my hair was very shiny as well, and there was no left over residue. I was pleasantly surprised. My husband walked past me while I was combing my hair and said he really liked the smell of it;).

After I had washed my hair, I let it air dry, put a bonnet on and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was happy to see that my hair was still untangled and that my curls felt loose and airy. I think the combination of the olive oil and avocado were responsible for that. I occasionally put olive oil on my hair, but I have to be careful that it doesn’t get too greasy. This shampoo and conditioner seemed to have the right combination. I think this product is pretty good especially since it isn’t specifically for curly hair. I would be curious to see how it worked on other textured hairs. I give this product a B+ only because I want to try it a few more times in order to see how it tackles my dry hair issue. I am always trying to find the best products for my hair and I am really glad that I tried this one and will definitely use it again! What about you? Have you tried this product? What do you use for dry or damaged hair?




This was after conditioning and combing through my hair.  It felt really soft and airy.  I let it air dry.




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