Boy meets girl…. A shoe love story

It’s our 18th month anniversary of marriage, and
we believe it’s important to continue dating each other while you’re married, even
if it’s simple (cues Lauryn Hill’s “The Sweetest Thing”). 
Relationships are supposed to fun, challenging and life-giving. 
Maybe you’re in a rut and looking to spice things up. We have a few, easy steps (for husbands and wives) that will keep the flame burning in your heart  and marriage.  It goes a little
something like this…
Try a coffee date. It’s simple and sweet.
Girls love flowers.
Wear some nice cologne (preferably her favorite scent that drives her crazy!
Make him say “WOW!” when you step out of the car.
Allow him to see your inner and natural beauty.
Listen intently and stay engaged in the conversation.
Speak each other’s love language
Hold each other close and gaze into each other’s eyes
Walk hand in hand, heart to heart, forever.
Need a few more tips? Try these:
A Guys’s Guide to Dating His Wife
1. Be romantic.
2. Be present.
3. Be FLY!
4. Be yourself.
How to Date Your Husband…for life.
1. Be open
2. Be flirty
3. Be beautiful inside and out
4. Just be… allow him to lead. It’s your time to relax and
savor the moment.
We’d love to hear your ideas for dating your spouse. Feel free to share them for a chance to win a new pair of Testosterone shoes, courtesy of Bronx Diba Luchiny Shoes!

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