DIY Lip scrub!! A secret I had to tell!

DIY Lips scrub!! A secret I had to tell! This is an exciting beauty secret that I had to tell. So, I was in the mall the other day and I complimented this woman on her great lip color. It was this bold bright red that fit her skin tone perfectly.
  She informed me that she got the lipstick at Sephora. I can’t remember the name of it, but the rest of the conversation was hard to forget. She said that she found the secret to long lasting lipstick and that was to apply a lip scrub. So I asked her what lip scrub did she used and when she told me that she DIY’ed it, I got even more excited. I almost jumped out of my skin! lol…..She said, “I use sugar cane, brown sugar, and vaseline!” II screamed “Genius!!!!!!! Really, that’s it?!?!” So when I got home, I went into my cubbard. We only keep brown sugar in the house, so I dipped my finger in the vaseline and then dipped it in a bowl of brown sugar, scrubbed my lips for 30 seconds and then put my red lipstick on as I headed to Fashion Week as  well as another show afterward and I didn’t have to reapply not one time! Plus, my lips felt so smooth!! This scrub will definitely be great for the winter months! I hope you try and let meknow what you think!! ❤ Toodles

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