This DIY facial scrub is AMAZZZZZIN’!!!!

So, I get a lot of questions about how I keep my skin smooth and part of it is the Lord and my parents had really good complexions, but as I get older I really have to start taking care of my skin, so I will love it when it starts to wrinkle lol.  I came across this three ingredient scrub that’s simply amazing.  It’s all natural and works on pretty much any  part of your body.  It will leave you feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I even use it on my feet!  All you need are three ingredients to create this yummy scrub.  Mix 1 banana, honey and brown sugar in a bowl and use your fingers to gently scrub on face.  Let it sit for a few minutes….or until your favorite TV show is over and wash off.   You will love how your skin feels!!   Since one batch makes a lot. You can have a girls pamper party and share it or you can do what I do and put it in a mason jar and stick it in the fridge. It will keep for 1 week. So I want to hear from you! What are your beauty regimens? Do you have a scrub that you can share with me?? Let me know how you like this scrub!




4 thoughts on “This DIY facial scrub is AMAZZZZZIN’!!!!

  1. TOTALLY trying it!!!! For the last month or so I have used Cetaphil daily cleanser and raw virgin coconut oil and my moisturizer. I also had to cut out cow's milk completly and I only drink Almond milk. As I have gotten older the cow's milk really has caused some skin issues for me and it took me a long while along with research to pin point it. Will update you on how the scrum works for me 🙂


  2. So, here I am a few months later and I have tried the DIY facial scrub!!! Its awesome!! I have used it a few times and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean!!! I am going to try the DIY lip scrub too!! LOVE YOU MA'AM!!!!


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