Make up Made Easy and Beautiful with Bare Essentials

Ok so if your’e like me and you have a love hate relationship with make up, then this blog is for you. I’ve never been a real big fan of make up but as I started doing television work, dabbling in the fashion industry and blogging, I found it necessary for a more polished look. It was a fight though because my goal was to look as natural as possible just highlighting my features. I didn’t even want to feel the make up on my face. Finding the right shade for me was also a laborious process because of my ever changing skin color. I did however find Clinique and I loved their foundation. It was barely there and easy to apply, but recently I’ve found something that I have just fallen in love with! It’s Bare Essentials! I’ve tried Bare Essentials before, but found the application process too difficult. I couldn’t achieve the look that I first had in the store while buying the product. Howeve they’ve changed the application process and it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever seen! It gives me the coverage I want and still looks natural, has healing powers, and is very simple to apply! So yeah I’ve fallen in love!

I am wearing:
-Bare minerals Ready (Warm Deep)
-Applied with the precision brush (this brush is friggin AMAZING!!!)
-Stroke of light eye brightener (works wonders)
-The show stopper eyeshadow (Kenny always calls me that lololol)
– I applied some mascara and blush too!

All of this took me less than 5 minutes!!!

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