Valerie Steele in the STL =Fashion Heaven!

So this past weekend, I had the honor of meeting Dr. Valerie Steele, Fashion Curator for FIT in New York and also named the most brainiest woman in fashion. She is also listed as one of Fashion’s 50 most powerful by the New York Daily News.
Dr. Steele was in St. Louis, MO last Friday night for a Gala and she gave a lecture at Washington University the following day. Craft Alliance was responsible for bringing Dr.Valerie Steele here and I am so glad that they did!
I was able to attend the FGI (Fashion Group International) meet and greet, as well as the lecture that Saturday.  Valerie talked with us and answered questions regarding her life, her career, and what she sees in the future for fashion.
The lecture that she gave was called ” The Art of Fashion” where she talked about the century debate of whether or not Fashion is considered Art. The lecture was insightful, informative, inspiring and FUNNY! Valerie ended the lecture by saying “Fashion is Art..If you believe it”
I had a fabulous time talking with Dr. Valerie Steele, and I found her to be an exceptionally nice, not to mention super stylish woman! Check out her outfit!
Me and Dr. Valerie Steele!
Me, FGI President Emily and STL MAG Style editor Jan 
Me and Saskya Byron of Craft Alliance

The Lecture
Valerie’s New book!
For more info on Valerie Steele. ..check out her website
Here’s a look at some of her work!

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